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Hepatitis C - symptoms, treatment and prevention 13 What it is, how do you get infected? Hepatitis C (sovaldi) is inflammation of the liver, which developed as a result of human infection by a specific virus. The disease usually doesn't show itself, by showing up accidentally during an examination of the person for different purposes, but can also occur in the form of an acute or chronic process. Sovaldi pathology has a tendency to chronicity, often becoming complicated cirrhosis and primary cell carcinoma. However, the developed scheme is effective for the treatment of this disease.

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What is it? How is the virus Infection hepatitis C in women and men occurs by ingestion of infected body fluids of one person (usually blood) of the damaged mucous membrane, the skin or directly into the bloodstream of another person. We can list the following possible infections: beauty treatments (manicure, ear piercing, pedicure, tattooing, piercing and other, which may disturb the integrity of the skin or mucous membranes; the shared use of syringes for injection drug users; transfusions of blood products; online sovaldi; with dental and other medical manipulations and operations; sharing razors, brushes for cleaning teeth (if they got the blood of the patient), manicure tools; unprotected sex (order sovaldi); about oral sex is no data; accidental pricks with infected needles; from mother to child during childbirth, in 5% of cases; breastfeeding if the nipples or breast skin is damaged or have a disease of the breast (cancer), which together with milk bleeding.

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As it is impossible to catch? Hepatitis C is not transmitted when: 1) Talking, sneezing, or cough; 2) Consuming food/drink from one vessel; 3) the Hugs and kisses; 4) the Handshakes. If a family member got infected with the virus, it should not be avoided or to create any special conditions of work or study: he's harmless, except when you need to give him first aid, stopping the bleeding. Also it is dangerous to use them with some manicure tools, razors. If his blood got on clothes, you must wash it in half an hour at 60°C, if it can be boiled – then the virus will die in 2 minutes. If the patient's blood got on the items, they need to handle chlorine-containing solutions (for example, "Desactiva").